Alex Groce

Associate Professor

Igor Steinmacher

Assistant Professor

John Georgas

Dean of CEIAS

Marco Gerosa

Associate Professor

Ana Paula Chaves Steinmacher

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Austin Sander

Graduate Research Assistant

Bianca Trinkenreich

Graduate Research Assistant

Jefferson Silva

PhD Candidate - USP/Brazil

Jolan Philippe

Graduate Research Assistant

Salwa Souaf

Graduate Research Assistant

Arvid Jakobsson

Université d’Orléans PhD Student

Dara Ly

Université d’Orléans PhD Student

Thibaut Tachon

Université d’Orléans PhD Student

Kevin Gonzalez Castro

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Regular expressions are powerful tools for manipulating non-tabular textual data. For many tasks (visualization, machine learning, …

Why do current chatbots sound unnatural? It is old-news that the more human traits a technology has, the more social expectations the …

As parallel architectures are now the norm, it is necessary to consider programming languages and libraries that offer a trade-off …



Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML: A library for functional parallel programming with OCaml


A unit test-like interface for fuzzing and symbolic execution


A portal to support newcomers onboarding to Open Source projects


PySke: Algorithmic Skeleton Library for Python


A set of libraries for the Coq proof assistant for the systematic development of correct parallel programs


The Template Scripting Testing Language

universal mutator

Regexp based tool for mutating generic source code across numerous languages


  • 2018–2021 Increasing Participation in Undergraduate Informatics Education and Research
    Funded by: W.M. Keck Foundation $325,000
    PI: Georgas
    Co-PIs: Christopher Doughty, Crystal Hepp, James Palmer

  • 2018-2021 Scaffolding skill acquisition to onboard OSS ecosystems
    Funded by: National Science Foundation (grant 1815503) $249,941
    PI: Gerosa