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Université d’Orléans PhD Student

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Recent Publications

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(2018). A Cloud Brokerage Solution: Formal Methods Meet Security in Cloud Federations. International Conference on High Performance Computing Simulation (HPCS).


(2018). A Lesson on Verification of IoT Software with Frama-C. International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS).


(2018). Almost there: a study on quasi-contributors in open source software projects. Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - June 03, 2018.


(2018). An empirical study on task documentation in software crowdsourcing: the case of the topcoder platform. Proceedings of the XXXII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, SBES 2018, Sao Carlos, Brazil, September 17-21, 2018.


(2018). An extensible, regular-expression-based tool for multi-language mutant generation. Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceeedings, ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - June 03, 2018.


(2018). Code smells for Model-View-Controller architectures. Empirical Software Engineering.


(2018). Competence, Collaboration, and Time Management: Barriers and Recommendations for Crowdworkers. 5th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Crowd Sourcing in Software Engineering, CSI-SE@ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - June 3, 2018.


(2018). Ghosts for Lists: A Critical Module of Contiki Verified in Frama-C. Nasa Formal Methods.


(2018). Ghosts for Lists: from Axiomatic to Executable Specifications. Tests and Proofs (TAP).


(2018). How modern news aggregators help development communities shape and share knowledge. Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - June 03, 2018.




Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML: A library for functional parallel programming with OCaml


A unit test-like interface for fuzzing and symbolic execution


A portal to support newcomers onboarding to Open Source projects


A set of libraries for the Coq proof assistant for the systematic development of correct parallel programs


The Template Scripting Testing Language

universal mutator

Regexp based tool for mutating generic source code across numerous languages

SSERL Seminar

Regular expressions are powerful tools for manipulating non-tabular textual data. For many tasks (visualization, machine learning, …

Why do current chatbots sound unnatural? It is old-news that the more human traits a technology has, the more social expectations the …

As parallel architectures are now the norm, it is necessary to consider programming languages and libraries that offer a trade-off …

Gustavo is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computing of the Federal University of Pará, Brazil. He researches in the broad …

Measuring the distance between two program executions is a fundamental problem in dynamic analysis of software and useful in many test …

Among distributed systems, connected devices and services, also referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), have proliferated very …

Contiki is an open-source OS for the IoT. It provides basic OS features on an event-based kernel, including the scheduler, and a …

Unit testing is a popular software development methodology that can help developers detect functional regressions, explore boundary …

Automatic test data generation (ATG) is a major topic in software engineering. A large amount of research effort has been invested to …

In this talk, I will illustrate how performance and software engineering can be combined in practice, in two different domains: High …